I've been working in computers and communication for over thirty years. I started working as a programmer, for Reuters in London, at the very beginning of the 80s. After that, I went on to be a video game programmer and, later, to work as a technical writer. In the 90s and 00s I worked as a systems administrator and IT trainer.

me, up a tree, with ropes and harness

Me - climbing a tree

Nowadays I mainly focus on web site design and development, copywriting, search engine optimisation and programming. I'm proficient in modern web design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, and writing web copy optimised for search engines.

I'm also a keen photographer and a compulsive traveller. I've lived in Australia since 1985 and I've travelled a lot here and in Asia. From 06 to 07 I worked in Afghanistan as a technical adviser and project manager for an NGO that builds and maintains community radio stations there.

Over the years I've had lots of different jobs - from builder to computer programmer, from seaman to tenancy law adviser, tree surgeon, taxi driver, radio production trainer, writer, kitchen hand, printer, and many others. I can communicate effectively with all sorts of people, and my wide experience of life means I can understand most subjects.

If you're looking for a man in a suit, then you've come to the wrong place. However, if you can see beyond surface gloss and appreciate straightforwardness, honesty and plain speaking, I could be the person who will make your life easier.