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An effective web site makes an essential contribution to the success of almost all companies. As far as many potential customers are concerned if you’re not on the web you don’t exist, regardless of what line of business you're in. If you are on the web, then your site must be optimised for search engines or your customers won't be able to find you. Your web site must be easy for potential clients to use and it should also comply with accessibility standards.

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To use the web properly, requires a considerable amount of technical knowledge and understanding and it's essential to know what you're doing before you even start thinking about it. Even if you're contracting someone to build a web site for you you need a clear understanding of the issues involved if you're going to achieve the best results and the maximum value for your money. It's rarely practical for the manager of a small business to spend the time required to develop the necessary depth of knowledge of the subject - particularly as several years of experience are needed to fully understand it.

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If you're faced with the need to develop your business's internet presence and you're not entirely sure of the best approach, I can help. I've been working with computers and networks, on and off, for nearly thirty years now. As well as that, I've worked in a wide range of roles in many other industries - including construction, the law, transport, manufacturing, housing, printing, hospitality and retail. This blend of experience allows me to quickly grasp the essentials of how your business works and what approach you need to make the most effective use of the internet.

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I can give you impartial advice and assistance with specifying your web site requirements and understanding the best approach to implementing them. I can help with project management and communicating your needs to designers and developers. I can help with training your staff to manage your new or existing web site. And, if required, I can do the job of designing and devloping the web site for you.

I am based in Darwin, Australia, but if you're not local I can help you via email, over the phone, or by travelling to where you are.